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The Internet is changing the nature of business interaction with customers, vendors, partners and employees. There is an increased interaction between each of these relationships at a higher level. We believe that your business will be changed by Internet technology. The change can be seen everywhere, from the creation of new business models in the emerging virtual marketplace to the changes in business processes to utilize the Internet’s abilities to exchange information and enable online transactions. Your IT Department helps companies to understand how to use Internet technologies, make the right choices and build the right solutions to serve their businesses today and in the future. Your IT Department offers a complete package of services to successfully develop and deploy your Internet solution. We provide Web site design, systems integration, Internet marketing services and site maintenance.

Companies are realizing that their off-the-shelf approach to Website design falls short of achieving any real strategic goals. With the proliferation of desk-top based web publishing tools and the gold rush to get on the Internet, many companies attempted to “put up a site – any site” without much thought to user needs, quality, branding or navigation. We believe that Website design is about the experience the user has when he or she visits your site. It is about the look and feel of your site, website navigation, and how the user can interact with you during his or her visit. Your IT Department can help you develop a Web design approach that meets user needs and reinforces your company’s brand.

A user’s decision to stay or leave a site is influenced by the site’s presentation, usability and perceived value. That decision can mean the difference between making money or loosing money. Many companies make the mistake of designing their website based upon whether it looks “pretty” or if it looks “corporate.” The fact is that a user’s “stay” decision is not based upon whether the site looks “pretty” or “corporate.” It is based upon the site’s perceived ease of navigation, functionality and value. When you design a website, your main focus should be on how the site will be experienced by the intended user. Your IT Department can help you to develop a Web strategy that keeps users on your site and keeps them coming back.

The work does not end once you have your Website on-line. What good is a Web site if no one sees it? The phase, “build it and they will come”, does not apply to Websites. One of the most important components of effectively promoting your Website is effectively directing your target market to your Website. This means more than just listing your site with search engines. Internet marketing involves understanding who your target users are, what they want to do on-line and how to encourage them to interact with you through your site.Your IT Department can help you steer your target users to your site through integrated marketing strategies where a combination of marketing vehicles such as press relations, public relations, media advertising, web banner advertising and direct marketing drives your target audience to your site.Your IT Department is one of the few companies that will not only build a web site to your specifications but also will develop tools to market and promote your site.

Our integrated marketing strategies work in synergy with your overall on-line efforts, leveraging technologies and various media vehicles to maximize results. We help you think beyond just listing your URL and placing banner ads to develop strategies to reach your target users on-line. Our services include monitoring and evaluating the results of your on-line efforts and giving you the information you need to refine your Website marketing activities for the best results.

 Where Do I Start?

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